Authenticity sells


We see our society and economy more and more as artificial . Many of us feel that there is a ‘bigger’ message behind the credit crisis, the bankruptcies and the excessive corporate bonuses: a message about degradation. Lack of trust.

The need for authenticity and transparency is becoming increasingly bigger. People will only ‘survive’ in this complex world if they are able to get to the bottom of what is really important to them. If they can ‘live’ aligned with their values.

This requires unprecedented change and new behavior, as can be seen in the medical world where highly respected specialists have revealed own medical errors, something unheard of not too long ago.

I have noticed a similar change in presentations. It’s not that people have started to present in a different way, it’s about changes that make the audience feel more comfortable and add to the level of trust which the speaker gains.


The audience is not interested in hidden agendas , technical jargon or artificial stories. The audience is there to be reassured; to hear about a solution for their problems or worries.


People will attend a presentation to be touched or moved , to listen to a speaker who enriches them and who performs at his best.

Now, when does the speaker perform at his best?

A speaker is charismatic and fascinating when he is just himself, authentic.

When he shows himself and speaks out.

Also when he tells his own personal story.


Clients often ask me “How do you become authentic?” Funny question as authenticity is rather a quality of being than something you can ‘become’ or ‘do’.

It is however something you can explore and practice. You can make the first step towards authentic presence by reflecting on 3 things:

  1. Someone who is truly authentic has nothing to hide . Ask yourself “What do I hide when I am on the stage?” Could it be lack of knowledge (you may find yourself bluffing or avoiding a question which you don’t know to answer, instead of simply saying that you don’t know) or feeling insecure (and you may put up an act so they will see the act instead of you)?
  2. Someone who is truly authentic feels comfortable with himself . Ask yourself when and where you are criticizing yourself. When are you not happy about yourself?
  3. Someone who is truly authentic does not overdo anything . Ask yourself “What am I doing too much?” ‘Too much’ could be about all sorts of unnecessary things: gestures, difficult jargon, too many words too quickly or any other fuss.


I am convinced however that you can never be authentic all the time, or should be. Point is, you should be able to recognize certain patterns that prevent you from being authentic. These patterns cost a lot of energy and slow you down in achieving your goals when you are in front of groups!


In case you want to sell yourself and your ideas to your audience, your audience needs to say ‘Yes’ to you on a sub-consciousness level.

Being authentic makes it much easier for them to say ‘Yes’.


‘The art of being’, already yours?

I wish you all the best for your (authentic) presentation.
Your Easy Influence Assignment
Reflect on one of the 3 pointers and ask yourself ‘What can I stop doing, so that my authentic self shines through automatically and people get hooked easily?”
An important question as being more authentic is usually a matter of pimping off
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2 thoughts on “Authenticity sells

  1. Michael Roeten

    Dear Lianne,

    I received this article in the newsletter you sent Aug. 15 2013
    I’m surprised that it hasn’t been shared yet, or commented on.

    Maybe it’s because people don’t want to be connected with the theme of your website, been seen as wannabee influencers?

    I believe influence can be used in a positive or negative way.
    The influence I believe in, is by showing you walk the talk.

    This article lays out a part of the framework to be authentic.

    I started sharing more about my inner being last year.

    Even though it can be so incredibly scary to peel of the layers, that hide my true self, it’s also the only way for true connection and true community.

    I’m not there yet, but I believe I’m on the way.

    Thank you for sharing your insight.

    Michael Roeten
    Love reaches higher!

  2. Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen Post author

    Dear Michael,
    Thank your for your post and openness in your response!
    Btw I LOVE your one-liner ‘Love reaches higher!’ I believe that is absolutely true!

    For as far as I know, every-one [-and especially ambitious service entrepreneurs and self employed pros-] wants more influence. Actually without it, it is difficult to have a successful business.
    As for the lack of comments; personally I think most people that follow me had to get used to the big changes I implemented since last March [new brand, communicating in English and Internation/Global reach]. That is what some have said to me and that’s ok. Now it’s me being fully open here :-)
    So I am extra glad YOU showed yourself here!

    I agree that influence shows when you walk your talk and at the same time; it is one of the most difficult things to do; being fully congruent. I don’t think that there is any one on the planet who is 100% congruent [meaning what you say=what you believe on all levels=how you act]
    Is this where some fear may come to the surface; that we may be caught on the fact that we are not walking our talk. So for me it is a matter of being compassionate with myself and others [yes the Love factor] for not always being so.
    And yes, it is a journey and yes I can feel scared too to peel of my layers, but you are absolutely right that it is the ONLY way.
    Keep going Michael, I will too.

    Thanks again.


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