Avoid this mistake when creating special offers

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Recently we canceled a magazine subscription.
A magazine that had been delivered to our door for 8 years. It was around 45 Euro [48 Dollar] per year.
No one in the house was reading it anymore so we decided to stop that money leak.

It didn’t take long before I received a call from the publisher.
“We so much would like to get you back as a subscriber so
I have a special offer for you:
You get to read the magazine for a whole year for 50% off the price you paid until now.
On top of that you will also receive a special package with several gifts;
2 bathrobes, free entrance for 2 for a luxurious Spa & Wellness and 2 bottles of delicious rosé wine. How does that sound to you?”

I love wellness and I really love rosé wine. The offer sounded great.
However that was not how I felt…
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Afraid to give away the store in a sales presentation?


“How do I give a presentation to attract clients, without giving away the store?”

That is one of the questions people ask me over and over.
Almost all self-employed professionals are afraid that by giving away too much advice,
tips and how-tos, there won’t be any ‘hunger for more’. Continue reading

How to deal with a dip in revenue

3 mechanisms in our sales we easily step over

As you may know by now I have helped dozens of
entrepreneurs sell their programs and get what they are worth.
Being able to sell and achieving a solid conversion
often means a big breakthrough and
many times even a whole new level in your business.
However, after the ‘initial push’ in revenue, after a bunch of successful sales or after filling that first high-end program,
oftentimes something happens that introduces a dip, a decline in revenue.
I have experienced it myself in the past
and I see it happen with almost any entrepreneur. Continue reading

How sales relates to real freedom in your business

Recently my husband and I had a friend over for dinner.
We hadn’t spoken to him for quite some time.
He is a very talented, competent and successful independent consultant.
That is why he surprised me with the news that he recently had taken on a… j-o-b!
Before I could ask anything, he started off defending himself;
“Well I felt alone and I like a team and colleagues around me.
sea-gull-765490__180Here I can travel and work with all kinds of people. There are huge challenges that I can really sink my teeth in”.


I remained quiet. I felt we weren’t getting to where the shoe really pinched. Continue reading

How to set goals in your business that feel good and work

Setting and achieving goals. On this topic alone Amazon shows more than 5.500 books.
What is it about a goal that is so magic? And why have they often been so frustrating for me?
First the magic.
Reaching a goal, especially when it’s important to you, Continue reading

How to pull in your prospective clients and tribe from the beginning

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We as entrepreneurs help others grow, achieve something or solve a problem.
Although the results of working with us may be visible in the form of more money, better relationships, greater health, a nice design or plan… What we sell however is rather invisible.
More intangible, like consulting, coaching, support, creation, advice, healing etcetera.
So if our tribe or the outside world cannot see what we sell, they form opinions and therefore feelings based on what they can see or hear.
Influence is about feelings.
You know when you are pulled towards some-one or something
it is because you FEEL pulled.
So how do you weave this idea into your business?
How does it appear in your marketing and sales efforts?
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How I unravelled my success

WHY-Logo-SymbolSometimes we just need one tweak, one insight or one piece of advice that changes the way we feel and therefore act in our business.
Personally I have found that the most powerful changes and improvements that I have experienced
were the ones that brought me closer to ME.
The more ME I was, the more ME I did or the more I was being coached towards ME in my business, the better I felt about myself and the better my results.
Digging even deeper and looking back on projects that went really well
[versus the ones that didn’t] it recently came clear to me that there usually
are 3 factors at play.
Needless to say that this list of 3 has become HUGELY important for me
as I no longer can ignore these factors in my business.
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Do you consider this about your value?

One of the most difficult things we encounter as service entrepreneurs is to define the value of what we sell; how to know and how to express the exact value of what we bring to the table. Pricing our intangible services can feel so difficult sometimes.

The thing is that WE must UNDERSTAND and OWN our value first before we can express it and sell it. The theme of value is a big theme, but let me give you two valuable insights that will help you to understand and own your value.
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The unlimited payback of confidence

No matter what role or position.
No matter what background.
No matter how you look.

If you have confidence, you have influential gold.

Confidence is also key to any growth or progress and many business gurus out there state that people with confidence are happier and make more money than those who lack it.
People with confidence glow and shine without working hard for it.
People with confidence attract without pleasing.
Confident people learn quickly and learning feeds confidence
People want to be around people who have confidence. It is contagious. Continue reading