When You Know Your WHY…

You realize your unique gift and you live with passion.
You know why you do what you do, how you think and what you believe
And when your business expresses and lives its WHY, it becomes an inspired business.
Simon Sinek explains it all in this video and why the WHY-HOW-WHAT message is so incredibly powerful:

When you know your WHY, your world begins to make more sense. You begin to see how your WHY drives the choices you make. Not only that, it gives others, including those who buy your products and services, a reason to connect with you.

People don’t connect with what you do.
They connect with WHY you do it, who you are and what you believe.
The WHY lets others understand what you stand for.

Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior. You gain instant clarity,
like being reintroduced to yourself.
When you know your WHY, you begin to understand why you made the choices you made,
as well as the choices you will make.
You know what your value is, what people can count on you for, what you bring to the table.


Why would I want to know my WHY?WHY-Logo 2
Just imagine always knowing why you do what you do… I mean, really.. picture this!
Also imagine knowing the lens through which you see the world [and many others don’t].
Why do I need to know my WHY?
Because you will know your core strategy where your PASSION sits
and how you are wired to win.
Your WHY uncovers your core unconscious strategy how you FEEL SUCCESSful
and thus how you create success… as feeling successful affects your
actual ability to do really well!

The difference between BIG WHY and WHY

There are a lot of misconceptions out there so let me give you this insight.

Your BIG WHY is…

a bigger purpose in life. A reason to do what you do.
Something you may want to change in your village, community or the world.
Something you feel that is not ok in life and can really get angry about…so you want to change it
Some people consider it a ‘calling’, ‘dream’ or ‘destiny’
Others say that it is ‘what they live for’
It can change over time.

Your WHY is…exactly that; WHY you do what you do

your gift, what you bring to the world.
Your WHY is what drives you and explains everything you do.
Your WHY is how you view the world.
Your WHY shows you how you fit in.
Your WHY is… how you are wired for success
and is deep embedded in your limbic brain, the feeling brain. It does not change, it’s hardwired.
It is the most dominant strategy you have that makes you feel successful.
And again; feeling successful affects your actual ability to do really well.


For a limited time..

and honestly I don’t know how long I will keep this option available,
I am offering you the option to purchase a one on one Skype session of 1 hour with me
where I will personally take you through a process to discover your WHY, your gift.
And after our time together…

You will know your WHY… why you do what you do
You will also get a format/draft of your WHY message that I pull out of our conversation;
your personal WHY-HOW-WHAT message, so you can play with it and sharpen it in the time to come.
This message is so unique to YOU so that when you start using this it will
resonate with others [read; ideal clients] on a deep level instantly.
It will express your ‘True Selling Points’ as one of my clients who has this message, coined them!

Lianne helped me discover that all my actions and perspectives lead to a single defining belief.
Finding my Why has completely changed and refreshed my approach to work – by helping me gain insight into my strengths and helping me accept the areas I need my teams to cover. It has also made me realize that people’s WHYs are extremely varied and thus strengthened my personal relationships.

Prateek Jain – Aerodynamic designer at Gulfstream Aerospace

For Whom?
Although I usually only work with high-calibre expert-preneurs like coaches, consultants, advisors and service-entrepreneurs,
this WHY ‘legacy’ is suitable for every-one who feels there is value in knowing WHY you do what you do.
I especially want to encourage CEO’s/directors of corporates/companies to discover their WHY to explore how this enriches their lives and careers, but also how it helps them to create a cohesive culture and build an inspired business.
Currently I am the first and only certified WHY coach in Europe actively taking this work to the business world.
That is why I am offering it [for now] to small business-owners as well as founders and CEO’s of bigger companies.

Your investment

Individual WHY sessions only available for existing elite clients.
This session is no longer available as a once off coaching.
If you want to discuss WHY-i-fying your business, management-team or board of directors
send me an email via contact@easy-influence.com and we will get back to you.
Thank you!

View our refund policy here.
This WHY discovery session falls under ‘individual coaching and VIP sessions’ and can only be changed until 36 hours in advance of the start time. It’s non refundable but you can always send some one else to take your place.

Any questions?
After purchase you will receive a link by email to book your session and the practical details follow after that.
If you have any additional questions, email my team via contact@easy-influence.com
and you will receive an answer. Thank you!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity
to be re-introduced to yourself
and have a meaningful chat with me about feeling successful!

Do it!


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00 Lianne online 72 dpi MediumIn everything she does Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen believes in Finding a better way and Share it;
she is an improver and innovator on the go, she notices where people step over things and opportunities are wasted
and she won’t stop herself until she has found a better way that works for you so you grow your business fast!
She believes it is important to find better ways as like flowers and all things in nature we are meant to grow.
Improving keeps us [feel] alive.
She is an international Sales Mentor, Speaker and Founding Business Fanatic of Easy-Influence.com
She is passionately committed to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve trust, influence and persuasiveness in their interactions with others. To her successful people share one main quality: being able to sell ideas easily without ‘losing’ themselves.
Whether it’s from the stage or in one-on-one conversations, influencing and persuasion with heart and ease are her ‘core’ expertise, but she will explore anything that makes you resonate with your clients.

Lianne transformed her Dutch practice into a Global Company in less than 6 months by walking her talk: Speaking and Selling from her heart. In this global game of doing business she also works with big companies and she recently became
the first European executive WHY-business coach.
She delivers fast track mentoring so you can attract clients, grow an inspired business and put yourself on the pedestal you deserve. More than anything she wants you to be empowered to do business in a better way.
She teaches you all this… effortlessly, with joy and love!