The 3 biggest mistakes in a client attractive presentation

clientattrativespeakingThe vast majority of self-employed professionals speak to make themselves visible as an expert and attract clients. After their presentation, most professionals are satisfied about their speech and pleased that they did it. Unfortunately, this feeling is often followed by disappointment about the limited response of potential clients.


What happened? It really clicked with the audience present and only two people came up to me to talk with me. I hear this often and know the feeling. But the bad feeling is not the only thing that remains… Every time when you do not maximize a presentation opportunity, you miss thousands of Euros [and I’m modest here]!


This article is about the 3 biggest mistakes in presentations, making you leave the room with little result and how to improve the results out of your speaking efforts immediately.


Mistake #1


You did not think in advance about what it is you want to leave the room with after your presentation AND how to practically handle that during your presentation.


Do you want to have scheduled appointments with ideal clients? Do you want new names on your ezine subscriber list? Or do you want to enroll participants for a workshop?


TIP: In advance, clearly define what it is you want to leave the room with. Make sure you ask for this in the close of your presentation [call to action]. Prepare yourself logistically for collecting what you want. No pens at hand means less people who fill in a card… [and I am serious here].


Mistake #2


You do not address the biggest problems, worries or questions of your audience. Most professionals think about the question, “What am I going to tell them? What do I want to tell in my speech?”


The truth is that your audience will only connect when they feel that their questions or desires are seen and heard. The starting point of client attractive speaking is always the situation in which your audience is now and what they struggle with or miss in their life. Actually, it is not about you at all :).


TIP: make a short list of the biggest problems or questions of your audience. Make sure that the most important need of your audience gets touched upon quickly in your presentation, so that your audience realizes … “hey, this is about me!”


Mistake #3


You did not build up enough ‘tension’ to WANT more of you and your work. Let alone to want it quickly. People leave the room after your presentation with the idea that what you said was nice and useful, but not with the idea that they have to take action!


TIP: make clear to your audience in different ways what is possible for them so that they know their problem or worry can be solved.


Tell a client success story or show them a case study. Or… show your expertise as a coach or consultant by asking someone from the audience on stage and solving their question on a particular problem. As a result, the audience will ‘see’ what could be possible for them as well.
By putting the right elements in your presentation, your ‘client attraction power’ can increase explosively.


Your Easy Influence Assignment


Which one of the 3 mistakes is your biggest one? Just pick one thing that you are not doing now whenever you do a presentation. Decide on one thing that you will do differently next time.


When you start applying just one thing you will see that more people will follow up on your call to action!


Good luck with all the leads you attract with your presentation and let me know what you do to have people want more by leaving a reply below!