3 surefire signs to learn about doing business rather than doing business

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As an entrepreneur you want to be successful in your business.
You want your business to make money,
otherwise there is no business.
A simple truth right?
But while focusing on making money and doing
what needs to be done for that,
I came across 3 situations that require
learning first.

Here are 3 surefire signs there is a lesson to learn about
how you are doing business rather than just doing business.

1] You find yourself hoping
You feel like you are gambling or shooting for something
to see what will happen. So when you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you become brilliant at just that;
2] You’re exhausting yourself
You feel like a hunter, trying what others are trying or perhaps
endlessly adding new strategies [and again trying these] or endlessly exploring what to try next in your business…
3] It has become simply boring
When something in the way you do business is boring for you,
you lose touch with the sparkles you need to keep going.
Your clients will sniff this too…revenue implosion lurks around the corner then.
I have experienced all three at some stage in my business.
But when I jumped for my big global leap in 2012
all three landed in my lap again [ouch!].
So I needed to learn big time.
And I did.
I want you to be wiser! So use the following 5 lessons from my big leap to your advantage.
1] Accept that times of enormous doubt and confusion are normal
Such a relief it was to learn that it’s all about the normal dynamics of a very
ambitious entrepreneur and a symptom of growth! Pfew, I was normal after all.
However, once in that quicksand [cause that is how it feels],
it becomes difficult to find new momentum in your business on your own.
Get help, accept help and be compassionate enough to receive help.
2] Set yourself up for LEARNING rather than making money fast
No success without disappointment. We need to develop certain skills to deal the right way with that dynamic though. The key to growing a business is about really understanding your success and understanding your ‘un-success’.
Success has many angles, but for a business to be successful [and thus make money] you have to really understand, measure and protect these 2:
a] the value you bring to the market place and
b] how your clients buy from you and how you can grow your ‘engine’ of sales.
Winning is not about earning money quickly; it’s about learning fast and have a crystal clear view of the foundation of your business!
So much time, energy and money is spent on the wrong things.
And boy have I wasted A LOT that you won’t have to waste.
3] Develop ‘Business-feel-good’
The landscape of doing business changes constantly. Developing your inner-entrepreneur, your ‘business-gut’ AKA intuition is essential. Your business model [do you have one?], marketing methods need to fit you and your style as well as that of your clients. Your business efforts must come from a good energy as only inspired action leads to results. Making effort from exhaustion, doubt or stress does not lead to sustainable results.
4] Get in touch with WHY
When you know WHY you do what you do and why that is important to you, you get instant clarity and motivation to step into a bigger version of yourself.
5] Use multiple sources to learn
There is not just one person, not one coach, guide, expert or guru who has all the answers. We need multiple people to teach, support and inspire us. Interactions and conversations with like-minded and further ahead people change everything!
I needed a branding expert who did in depth interviews with me to actually see that I am a ‘business-multiplier’ besides a sales-business coach. And I have always been learning from and interacting with several other experts and peers as well.


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You don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t give yourself your own haircut.
Getting started, restarted or staying motivated on your own is extremely difficult.
Let alone; finding and understanding your success.
You just want to feel confident and capable. You want to feel like you no longer have to push the cart up the hill by yourself, right? Instead you want to feel proud of what you are doing.
My gift is tuning into the ROCKSTAR in you
and showing you a path that can lead to your true leadership as a business owner.
So you become the hero to your clients.
If this post resonates with you and you feel I can help you
then email me by clicking here. We will set up a get acquainted call and find out.
To your easy and successful business!