• Learn how to deliver a professional presentation that positions you as the go-to expert
    and attract the business you want
  • Transform prospective clients into high paying clients
  • Create a message and an offer that is clear, confident and cashable
    to build your income and a business you love!

As an ambitious consultant, coach, trainer or ‘knowledge professional’,
do you recognize the following?

  • You want to increase your sales?
  • You know you are not visible enough for your ideal audience?
  • You realize that Speaking is a must for growing your business, but you have no idea how to become a speaker or how to keep going as one?
  • You don’t know exactly HOW to craft a professional talk that positions you as an expert and that Lianne BBIS juni 2012 bewerkt paars 2sells your services?
  • You are great at what you do, but you struggle with how to express to others what you do and the value you bring to the table?

Speaking in front of small and big groups is key to growing your business!
It is also the fastest way possible to achieve:

  • Visibility with impact, that will get you closer to your ambitions and financial goals
  • The shortest shortcut from contact to contract
  • Expert status which is key for asking good rates
  • More income
  • Growing confidence … every time you show up live!
    And confidence is key to any progress!

The Easy-Influence Academy, based on a year long MasterMind program
has been developed to offer you:

  • The foundation for you as a Speaker; how you will be speaking and how to do it so that it becomes fun and leads to results
  • A group of ‘like-wise’ and ‘like-minded’ professionals who all want to grow in confidence, visibility and entrepreneurship. Professionals that support each other and keep each other accountable and on their path!
  • The guidance to create your own memorable Signature Talk; a talk that matters, a talk that makes a difference and a talk that sells
  • The most modern conversion strategies for 1 on 1 conversations as well as group offerings to empower you to generate cash
  • High level Mentoring to create breakthroughs
  • Long-term support to stay on track, to really transform and to honor your commitment to yourself… so that you can play your best game!

Doubled my income!

Selma-FoekenBefore entering Lianne’s year program I was struggling with
lack of clarity and focus. My offer was not clear and my brand had 2 faces.
I felt really frustrated because I had the feeling that I could not
really serve my ideal client with the best that I have to offer
and I was tortured by the thought that I was forsaking my clients.

I also wanted to work on my visibility as an expert;
do more workshops and speaking but was stuck again
because I was not clear on what I would be speaking about…!
In this MasterMind-program I came from a standstill into movement!
I’ve made fundamental choices and got clear on my brand and signature.

I have grown as a professional and as a presenter, in a way I could not imagine up front.
Although I already have immense experience in working with groups,
I even have become a better trainer.
Big audiences are fun now and I can address them with much less energy than ever before.

This year with Lianne’s support I doubled my income. I am confident and ready for more growth.
That is why I signed up for the Easy Influence Academy and my second year of working with her,
because I don’t want to unplug from what she brings to the table!

Selma Foeken – www.selmafoeken.nl – Mentor for Toptrainers

Founder of the Easy Influence Academy is Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen.
portret-frontaal11In her view successful people share one main quality: being able to sell yourself and your ideas easily without losing yourself. Whether it’s from the stage or in one on one conversations, influencing and persuasion with heart and fun are her ‘core’ expertise. Lianne has supported countless ambitious professionals in Speaking and Selling and also how to connect Speaking to their business and online presence, so that their message makes money. She teaches you this… effortlessly, with fun and love!


The exact fields of expertise. Once entered into the Academy you learn
1] How to Speak on a professional level
(And did you know that Speaking is the fastest lead generator, the biggest confidence builder and the quickest way to be seen as an expert in your field of expertise?)
2] How to have Sales conversations by speaking from your heart, so that you convert prospective clients into high paying clients
3] How to Navigate your business and weave speaking and sales into your marketing, so that you position a clear brand, build a business you love and grow your income


The Academy is based on 5 principles

  • Provides a blend of learning formats for personal en professional development; off- and online
  • Working together for a longer period [1 year]  creates ‘build up value’; leverage on learning, personal development and results
  • A community of ‘like-wise’ people that champion and support each other. Though the Academy is in the start-up phase, the ambition is to build an international community.
  • Different levels. Currently I offer a GOLD track and a PLATINUM track
  • You can bring  a Spouse or Business Partner [working in the same company as you are] to all meetings, groupcalls and online gatherings for a small additional tuition fee.


To be really clear upfront: This program is certainly not for everyone!
[and by application only]

Here is how to know if this is for you:

  • You want to get your word out in a big way
  • You take responsibility for your own progress
  • You are an eager learner who is willing to experiment and explore
  • You are willing to contribute to a group of like-wise professionals and you are open to receive their support too
  • You want to live your life to the fullest, so you are prepared to invest time, energy and money in yourself
  • You just know and feel that it is TIME to really become a great Speaker on your topic and a visible professional

If this IS you and you feel this academy might be for YOU,
download the Easy Influence Academy Brochure here.
Want to explore more?
E-mail my team via contact@easy-influence.com
and we will set up a get acquainted session to talk!


And who knows… perhaps I can congratulate you very soon on
your new steps to growth for this coming year!
Have a look and again, if this speaks to you, join me!


To your every success and speak to you soon!