Afraid to give away the store in a sales presentation?


“How do I give a presentation to attract clients, without giving away the store?”

That is one of the questions people ask me over and over.
Almost all self-employed professionals are afraid that by giving away too much advice,
tips and how-tos, there won’t be any ‘hunger for more’.

Let me first rephrase the question so that we get the right perspective.
To me the question should be; ‘How to give value in a presentation so that
they want more of me and my services at the end?’
Feels different, doesn’t it?
The answer to that is about the basics for every presentation.
3 simple yet profound questions;
1. What do the people in my audience need to know or learn,
2. To make them believe,
3. That it is important and urgent to act?
When do people move?
People will act when their problems get too big.
When the ‘pain’ becomes too painful or too overwhelming.
See, there is something special with pain.
We elude it! We avoid it and run away from it.
Consciously and… unconsciously.
We just want a painkiller for pain, we want worries to go away and
we almost automatically avoid all situations that concern pain or problems.
We are wired to move away from pain and problems.
We elude in such a way that we are unable to see
the impact or the consequences of a certain problem, in its entirety.
So, often we do not know exactly what we suffer from or
what we continue too long or unnecessarily without noticing it.
We do not seem capable of realizing it fully.
And the lack of awareness of the impact is just one part…
When we are in pain, in need of something or facing a problem,
we are gifted a second problem.
Yep, it’s not all.
We also stop thinking accurately.
We fall into confusion; time consuming thought loops or even chaos.
There is no order in our heads, at least not around that particular problem.
So, imagine for a moment that you are sitting in an audience
and you can’t get your head around some issue in your life.
You only feel the pain.
How would it then be for you if a speaker/expert exactly explains what’s going on?
…And that you are not the only one dealing with that issue.
…And that there is a way moving forward?
Wouldn’t that alone just feel great?
By the way I haven’t talked about giving away tips, advice or tools yet…
Get my point?
In one of my recent speech boot camps, it was surprisingly recognizable
that deepening out the problem, worry or struggle of an audience can be
of tremendous value.
Just use your courage to go there.
Giving your audience the realization of the real issue in an orderly way,
offers them a chance, incentive or step to allow themselves to be helped….
And that is where they will buy and you don’t have to sell.
So what does that look like in a presentation?
What can you briefly go through in your presentation
to give this valuable realization?

  • examples of what people do to maintain their problems and how to recognize their concealed pain. For example by telling stories about the most common pitfalls.
    [Pain radiating to the side of your knee could even be related to back problems]
  • mentioning examples of symptoms or signals of the problem to make your client more conscious. [If you have small children walking around, then I hope you do not use tablecloths. A pot of hot tea will quickly end up where you do not want to have it; on the child!]
  • realization of the exact way the pain takes shape. […and if you suddenly burst into tears without being able to explain to yourself why, it could be that a burn-out is just around the corner…]
  • realization of the direct consequences [… when you lack clients, you are constantly occupied with how to pay those bills and you make business decisions based on fear instead of growth]
  • realization of the impact on other areas of life and work [stress over money causes tension in your body, tension in your business and even your entire family]
  • realization of pain or impact on the long term [… by not speaking for an audience now, you not only limit your sphere of influence at this moment, but also for all those business years to come]

There will be a sigh of relief or a nod with a smile.
Your talking point will be perceived as valuable and
you still build-up that tension to want your solution at the same time
Just dare to touch your audience.
I personally believe it’s the reason they are there with you;
they want to be touched and inspired.
The charming part of facing your problem is that it urges you to look for
improvement and growth.
And isn’t that exactly what you wish for your tribe?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.