Avoid this mistake when creating special offers

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Recently we canceled a magazine subscription.
A magazine that had been delivered to our door for 8 years. It was around 45 Euro [48 Dollar] per year.
No one in the house was reading it anymore so we decided to stop that money leak.

It didn’t take long before I received a call from the publisher.
“We so much would like to get you back as a subscriber so
I have a special offer for you:
You get to read the magazine for a whole year for 50% off the price you paid until now.
On top of that you will also receive a special package with several gifts;
2 bathrobes, free entrance for 2 for a luxurious Spa & Wellness and 2 bottles of delicious rosé wine. How does that sound to you?”

I love wellness and I really love rosé wine. The offer sounded great.
However that was not how I felt…

I felt…
I had been a loyal subscriber for 8 years!
And they never ever sent me anything during those years.
No email, no gift, not even a Christmas card.
Now they want to load me with gifts.
I felt stupid and started producing stupid thoughts like…
I should have cancelled this magazine way earlier.
How naive… I must have been paying for the gifts of those subscribers that did cancel after a year or so.
If I had cancelled and re-subscribed every year I would have gotten a huge ROI AND a lot of gifts.

Yep, really stupid thoughts and stupid energy for 45 Euros a year…
But, it happened.
I really felt stupid.
From a sales perspective I know it is harder to get a new client
than sell to an existing client.
So I understand the ‘bribe’ to keep me as a subscriber.
What they forgot was how it would make me feel.
Influence is about feelings!
So always ask yourself when putting together a special offer
‘How will my current clients feel?’ or ‘How would I as a client feel?’.
They do realize that they cannot benefit from every special offer you have or every discount you give, but please avoid making your clients feel naïve or feel stupid.
In your current client base are the most loyal ones too and
my best guess is you want to keep them that way.
At the end of the day it’s much easier to sell to an existing loyal client
than to acquire a new customer.
How about you? Ever felt stupid or naive as a client?
Has it changed the way you create a special offer?
Let me know in the comments below.