How do I come across? About self image and speaking confidence.

woman with mirror
Every one who speaks in front of an audience gets one or more visits from a voice in the head asking this exact question. And we so want reassurance that we come across well. Whatever ‘well’ might mean.
There seems to be some kind of universal lack of confidence in this area. The paradox I notice is that we are so eager to learn what the image is that we bring across and at the same time we are hesitant to have a close look at our image ourselves! Continue reading

How to silence your audience

People often ask me: “how do I silence my audience?” or “how do I draw their attention?” Anyone working with groups recognizes this issue and there are many ways to deal with it. The best way… is the way that works for you!
One of the members of my Easy Influence Academy, Ninke van der Leck, shares her best practice for this problem in the article below.
Foto Ninke van der Leck
Ninke is founder of and teaches ambitious professionals in the health and education sector how to deal with their inability to provide adequate educational support around child abuse.
I would like for every professional who works with children and parents to be able to offer a helping hand fearlessly and without any doubt. That is why I teach my clients to handle feelings of vulnerability, so they can be of true value and enjoy what they are doing. Continue reading

Is this factor pulling you forward? How to keep going.

keep going easyne april 2014If you ever want to achieve something in business, then it is essential to have a strong motivation. However SMART [specific, measurable…etc, well you know] our goals may be, we do not just reach them and we don’t reach our goals all the time. So where does that motivation to keep going as a business owner, expert, speaker come from? This is becoming more and more clear to me eventhough I am not a motivation expert. Continue reading

Can you stick to your allotted time?

speaking clock iPadMany events and conferences are haunted. Haunted by a ghost you must have come across several times: speakers that go beyond their allotted speaking time.
What kind of impression does such a speaker leave upon you and how do you feel about this person or the situation?
Do you always keep yourself to the speaking time?
I know, it is one of the most difficult things to do when you give a presentation. Continue reading

How to be charismatic from within

Lady DianaEveryone wants (more) ‘charisma’. Why? Because we believe we will be more attractive for others and that we will attract more relationships, work, clients and interesting people. We believe we will be more convincing, persuasive and influential.
I believe that too.
At the same time we think that charisma is only meant to be for celebrities or big shots, like movie stars, royalty or some one like President Obama. Although there is substantial proof that beauty and power influence the ‘charisma barometer’, there is no reason to believe that you need to be born with it to become charismatic. Continue reading

How vulnerability opens the door for new clients

Vulnerable girl
Appealing, endearing, moving. That is how we can feel when we see an authority, expert or world-thought-leader showing something vulnerable or simply being human; Obama who fastens the zipper of his pants or Pope Francis making a selfie for instance.
Most of us are not fond of people who are ‘excellent’ or only show off perfect tricks. We may perhaps admire them, but we will not easily connect to these ‘perfect persons’. Let alone buy from them!
How are you visible when you give a presentation? Continue reading

The #1 thing that makes you an awesome speaker …

“It has to be professional, polished and really good when I am up there in front of that audience!”

goldNo one wants to flop, lose one’s face or feel stupid when addressing an audience. Everyone who gives a talk wants to be convincing, persuasive, engaging, entertaining, captivating so that you get a full buy-in for your idea or call to action.
Unfortunately these requirements and assumptions we carry, overshoot the mark. One of the most powerful qualities that distinguishes an awesome speaker from a [just] average one is…
the ability to make something important!
Developing the capacity to really make a point. This actually starts with us accepting that a teaching point or message in our speech is gold. And gold requires a special treatment. Continue reading

How to become client magnetic with your own innovation perception!

What we can learn from Red Bull and Snap! Orlando
Although we as humans are not inherently attracted to change [we often resist change], we are often attracted to new things. However, meeting new people or speaking a new language is not as attractive as having a new smart phone…
I think people like something new as long as they feel they can benefit from it or need it in order to survive [a deeper motive].
What I do know is that introducing something apparently new to your audience, following or list, will make you very client-attractive. Continue reading

How to become a client magnetic WOW speaker with this simple tip

“I want to be a WOW speaker and it has to happen fast”, this new client said to me. A young man with hardly any speaking experience, facing a lot of requests for presentations. In other words: stress!
wow factor jan 2014
Although becoming a speaker is a process, he quickly reported his first success. “They loved it and they were all in!”
So what did he do to get his audience all in? Continue reading

How to overcome promotion shame and sell yourself?

woman and megaphoneMany service professionals fear being too pushy when they find themselves in a situation where they actually have the opportunity to promote or to sell themselves; in presentations, workshops, teleseminars or sales conversations.
When you look at the ‘big guys’, the ‘expert-millionaires’ [Just pick one or two you know], don’t they all have a big fan base, constantly invite people and feel good about themselves? Continue reading