Do you consider this about your value?

One of the most difficult things we encounter as service entrepreneurs is to define the value of what we sell; how to know and how to express the exact value of what we bring to the table. Pricing our intangible services can feel so difficult sometimes.

The thing is that WE must UNDERSTAND and OWN our value first before we can express it and sell it. The theme of value is a big theme, but let me give you two valuable insights that will help you to understand and own your value.

1] The value depends on YOU.
However, value is not the cost you make, the material or stuff you put into the offer and certainly not the time you spend. You may have heard this before, but when we put together an offer or a proposal we tend to forget what value really is about:
Your value is the impact you can create in the lives of others!
Getting clear on this impact starts with writing down all the results potential clients can achieve when they work with you.

  • Direct results [a potential client saying YES, instant stress relief, more visitors on your website]
  • Long-term results [revenue increase, growing business, vitality]
  • Tangible results [cash flow, weight loss, more productive hours each day] and
  • ‘Soft’ results [confidence, more appeal, greater visibility].
    I personally believe that people not only value the results but also the experience [!], although the experience will have almost no value without results. So also ask what your current clients are most astonished by and emphasize it when expressing your value.
    [Her 10-minute breakthrough coaching left me completely baffled and I felt a sense of extreme clarity to move on].
    2] The value depends on YOUR CLIENT.
    People pay for what THEY value, so talk to and ask your tribe, your audience! What impact will change X or transformation Y have in your business, in your life, for your well-being and the relationships you have or desire? And what is this worth to you?
    Also consider this.
    The more your client already experiences a degree of ‘organic importance’ or ‘organic urgency’ the higher YOUR value!
    An example of how certain people value the same product or service differently.
    A home stay mom is not likely to value the work of an organizer in a way a successful executive or entrepreneur will. The impact an organizer can have is different too. A successful executive is more likely to feel the importance and urgency to be organized, as this will increase his productivity and business results, which can impact the lives of clients, employees and other stakeholders of the company he works for. Can you see a different kind of ripple effect?
    So pick your client both with your wisdom and your gut. Your next client should neither be a gamble nor a surprise; you pick and choose. Explore with whom you can create great impact and who has ‘organic desire’. What impact can you really have with client A versus client B? And be honest here!
    You will feel it when you are spot on. The more obvious or easy it is for someone to invest in your highest-end service and the more ‘organic’ commitment he or she has, the more you are on your way to realize your value.

    Good luck with valuing what you do for others and let me know your views below.