That’s what I do and what has accelerated my business big time!
I cannot wait to teach it to you, so that you become more visible and sell your services more quickly.

Who needs to be there?

Ambitious independent consultants, coaches, trainers en other service professionals who…

  • know they make a difference, but don’t know how to get their message across
    [and perhaps you feel like the best kept secret in your field??]
  • have the drive and desire to get their word out in big way and are super ready to take the necessary steps
  • realize that Speaking is a must for their ‘mastery’ in business
  • want to keep growing their confidence as they just KNOW that this is key to progress and sustainable success

What is it exactly about and what’s in it for me?

Easy-Influence is THE place where you as an independent professional can learn
how to be most visible and influential, how to have an impact and how to grow your confidence.
If those factors are taken care of, it can not not be that you grow your business!
Speaking, selling, ‘live’ persuasion [with heart!] happen to be the core of my expertise.

If you are able to attract, hook and sell to your audience nothing can hold you back from realizing your ambitions and desires.
Under this ‘verbal’ influencing umbrella you will leave this event with:

  • The 3 essential keys on how to start speaking as a pro… quickly!
  • The Talks you need to have in place to achieve sustainable sales success with ease
    [yes, one of them is your signature talk!!]
  • The 9 essential ingredients of a presentation that sells!
  • How to deal with the [very important and often very difficult] 1st minute of your presentation to ensure that your audience is hooked!
    Get these in depth lessons from my special guest…!
  • New contacts as you can network and spar with ‘like-wise’ entrepreneurs
  • Inspirational stories of some of my clients [they have gold to share too…]
  • And… lots of other ‘take-aways’ about speaking, influence and selling your ideas

Wouldn’t it be cool if YOU could accelerate your
Impact, Influence and Income too?

50% Wants to work with me!

Marijke Eggink
Lianne’s expertise is really impressive.
After experiencing several eye-openers and implementing her advice,
50% of my audience wants to work with me!

[And I haven’t done all that she taught me yet..!]

Marijke Eggink, business coach –

You show how to make people hungry for more!

Foto Marielle Tromp apr 2011
Your story was incredibly good. It convinced me!
I was afraid that my own presentation had to be a sales pitch.
But you show with your approach that you can, in fact,
share very valuable information, in a way
that will make the listeners hungry for more. 

Mariëlle Tromp – Physical Movement Scientist & Vitality Expert

Lianne makes sure your services will be bought

Better than anyone else Lianne gives you the clarity every-one wants on
how to seduce your audience without giving away the store!
She models it in a subtle, professional and authentic way when she speaks.
I highly recommend any one who gives presentations to work with her
so that your messages comes across and your services will be bought easily.

Not one single Apple iPhone has been sold in the entire world. An iPhone is bought.

Lianne makes sure your services will be bought!

Hans Stalenhoef – Owner Stalenhoef Consultancy

Where and when?

foto kapel woudschoten

foto hal woudschotenThe date: Tuesday May 28th 2013
The time: 10.00 am – 16.00 uur [leaves space for travel and e-mail]
The place: Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre in Zeist [Netherlands]
Fresh lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments included!

And something very special..!

To encourage you to go ahead with this 1-day opportunity,
I will give away (Yes for FREE) a half-day strategy session
totally focussed on YOU and YOUR business!
The winner will leave this session with at least
3 top strategies to speak in a way that attracts and converts clients!
One of the participants of the event will be the lucky winner
of this valuable and exclusive VIP session, worth well over 3,000 euros.
This VIP session will be raffled during the event so get a seat and come!

This event took place on May 28, 2013. Did you miss it? You will have another opportunity to join one of our events or webinars soon. Stay tuned and sign up for your newsletter here and you will receive valuable tips and the latest information on our events.

Speak to you soon!





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