How humanizing your business attracts ideal clients

My 9-year-old daughter gave me a beaded necklace for Mother’s Day that she had made herself in school. I told her I loved it so she thought it would be a good idea to wear it on one of my video-articles for my following. I agreed, but then she pulled back because she doubted if that would be ‘professional enough’…


But…the way we do business is changing rapidly. Selling a service is not just selling a service; it is selling a relationship. When we do business, especially Business to Business, yes we MEET on a professional level. We dress properly, we show manners and we offer our guests coffee. But we CONNECT on a personal level.


When those 2 are evenly balanced we say that there is a “click”. Most professionals still tend to keep up their ‘professional wall’ as that seems the safe mode of doing business. While real connection with others actually never comes from choosing a ‘safe mode’.


The more you can show YOU in your business the more your ideal client has in hand to resonate with.


Your Easy Influence Assignment


1) How can you show more of yourself? Are you open to others about your opinion, your feelings and your personal life? Do you show your personal style or are you compromising the way you show yourself?
Explore how you can weave in personal expressions in your presentations and conversations. Think of that one thing you always notice and never talk about and start talking about it.


2) What personal stories, experiences and failures can you share with others? All personal experiences [yes, all of them] carry a lesson that is of great value to others. If you are generous in sharing that value with others around you, people really get hooked!
Think of one story that you can use in your next presentation, article or conversation to connect with your ideal followers and use it!


Influence is about a feeling and you feel either connected or not connected. It is my personal philosophy that the walls of pure and seemingly perfect professionalism don’t sell well much longer.


Do you resonate?


Good luck with more you in your business, your presentations and conversations.