How I unravelled my success

WHY-Logo-SymbolSometimes we just need one tweak, one insight or one piece of advice that changes the way we feel and therefore act in our business.
Personally I have found that the most powerful changes and improvements that I have experienced
were the ones that brought me closer to ME.
The more ME I was, the more ME I did or the more I was being coached towards ME in my business, the better I felt about myself and the better my results.
Digging even deeper and looking back on projects that went really well
[versus the ones that didn’t] it recently came clear to me that there usually
are 3 factors at play.
Needless to say that this list of 3 has become HUGELY important for me
as I no longer can ignore these factors in my business.

They come out of my business journey and me.
I share them with you so that you can explore what your own success factors can be.
So here are my 3 keys
1] Surrender
A project or initiative became successful when I stepped into
something greater or bigger than where I was before.
In order to be able to do that I first had to surrender.
By surrender I mean detach from something that doesn’t serve me
any longer or detach from… a struggle.
[Yep we can choose not to struggle].
The big red flag for me to recognize I need to surrender is loss of creativity.
Oh boy, when I lose my creativity I know I need to detach
from something that might have worked in the past,
and now just appears on my desk as hard work!
Does any of this sound familiar? What is your red flag?
And how does that flag feel?
2] Gut feeling
I felt inspired, passionate and unstoppable about moving forward with a certain idea.
I had this inner knowing, an expectation, without any visible proof
that it would be something great!
I had faith.
Ever ‘expected’ or ‘knew’ a prize was yours in raffle?
Did you ever see things happening before they actually happened?
Where you just KNEW it, felt it or even predicted?
3] Feeling successful before the event
And this is my biggest latest insight actually.
I felt successful about doing it even before the project would start!
I experienced a level of fulfillment and passion without the actual result,
because I was inspired to take action, to learn something new or just hop on a journey.
Have you ever felt ‘successful’ or great just by being on a journey
without having chosen a destiny?
I so believe that FEELING successful enhances your ability to do well.
When you feel successful you raise your vibration
and there is no other way than that others pick up your vibes.
Do you want to FEEL SUCCESSFUL in order to attract good things?
Instead of the other away around;
feeling successful only when results prove it somehow?
Or perhaps just want to feel more passionate in your business?
The game changer for me to FEEL that way was knowing my WHY,
my gift, the core thing that I am here to do every day and which makes me FEEL successful,
whether it’s in my business or outside of my business.
You see; your why is why you do everything!
So Lianne, is this the ‘cure all’ in times of struggle?
Of course not, there is no such thing as a ‘cure all’ in business.
I do believe in better ways that speed things up for us though.
And what it does cure, is the fog and lack of clarity about yourself
and how you communicate about YOU so that your market gets you!
I mean not only understands you and what you do, but also
why you do what you do so others really resonate with you.
To wrap up, here is an assignment; reflect for a minute on how you recognize
being on your way to something great, what are your keys, what do you feel?
Do it, it is really important!
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Speak to you soon!
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