How sales relates to real freedom in your business

Recently my husband and I had a friend over for dinner.
We hadn’t spoken to him for quite some time.
He is a very talented, competent and successful independent consultant.
That is why he surprised me with the news that he recently had taken on a… j-o-b!
Before I could ask anything, he started off defending himself;
“Well I felt alone and I like a team and colleagues around me.
sea-gull-765490__180Here I can travel and work with all kinds of people. There are huge challenges that I can really sink my teeth in”.


I remained quiet. I felt we weren’t getting to where the shoe really pinched.
Also I remembered clearly that he became an entrepreneur because FREEDOM is really important to him. He is also the type of guy that ‘never fits in’.

After the ‘gung-ho’ part, the pain pieces came to the surface;
“… also the networking felt so heavy and never really paid off”
“… it’s difficult to get good prices too”.
Finally, after a bunch of those stories he drew a final conclusion:
“I just find it hard to sell myself!”
Despite the fact that a huge part of his income came from commissions
earned by selling for others…

To me his story is painful.
Because I know it doesn’t have to be that way
and there definitely is a better and easier way. [uhh]
This ‘leader’, cause that is what he really is,
somehow let his fears speak louder than his values and desires.
At the same time I resonate as I come from a place
where I detested everything related to sales.
If you are in that place right now, then know you are not alone.
The smarter the expert, the more dysfunctional the relationship
to her or his own sales appears to be.
So what is the cure so that you fall in love with selling instead?
Because that is a necessity to really be successful in any business.
No sales, no business, no nothing. Period.
Here are 3 powerful steps to get you moving in that direction quickly.
1] Become aware of your thoughts and fears around sales
What is it that your head keeps repeating about sales?
I am talking about things like “What will he/she think?”,
“What if I don’t know what to ask next?” or
“Can I get the price out of my mouth without choking?”

And similar types of thought-strings.
We tend to make it so about us. With this self-focus we blow it up into a
disproportionate size and then turn sales into a monster by default.

Any thought that hinders you and that keeps coming back;
tell-it-to-stop. Your brain can stop.
Take your power back and tell yourself that
it is an inappropriate use of your thinking. Full stop!
And be amazed about what happens.

2] Get an understanding of how sales work, for you and your type of clients
and why certain things work the way they work.
When we have no sense, no clue of the process we are in when we have a sales situation; we tend to get overwhelmed by unpredictability and uncertainty.
Not a particularly helpful state of mind, when we need to lead some-one else to a decision…

3] Learn how to do sales successfully, then do it and… keep doing it.
Skills breed confidence. My clients make leaps when they experience being in the lead, knowing how to express the value and power of their offers or dare to ask for the sale.
When you have regular sales conversations you will see for yourself
that the fears you once had are not real.
Not one bit.
Guidance and support help you get to that point quickly.
Not to mention the revenue that will come in!
I know that will keep you going and growing.

Imagine for a moment
What if sales were a piece of cake for you?
Or one of your business habits?
Wouldn’t that free you up?
I bet you would not give up your values, desires and aspirations.
You would stay a leader, wouldn’t you?

I believe that mastering sales leads to big breakthroughs and real FREEDOM.
Knowing, as in really owning the fact that I can always sell,
makes me feel free.
And I believe in your easy sales too.
What about you?
I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

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  1. frits de wolff

    ha Lianne, Leuk om weer eens wat te lezen. Ik hoop dat het je goed gaat.

    hartelijke groet,
    Frits de Wolff

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