How to sell your duck to a big audience

8 Million people came to visit Florentijn Hofman’s giant rubber duck in Hong Kong in 2 months. And many, many more people have seen this big animal in other cities throughout the world. The yellow creature is about 15 meters high. The Dutch designer first showed his ‘bath toy’ in 2007 and it has been attracting an audience bigger than he could ever imagine.


How do we get a big audience for our beautiful work?
What lessons can we learn from this man?




1] Be specific …
with your solution and make sure you come up with words that make the outcome of your work clear and tangible.

[*The biggest rubber duck you will ever see in your life.]


2] Be unique…
in how you position your idea. In what way is it different from what others are doing in your industry? In what way is it different from what your clients usually expect or learn about your type of solution? Exactly that difference makes that you are seen as a leader, instead of a peer. And just a small difference can make you a ‘mover and shaker’ of your industry.
[*A rubber duck is a rubber duck. A rubber duck of 15 meters high makes you stop and stare.]


By the way…Although he calls his work ‘art’ he refers to himself as a designer, sculpture and entrepreneur instead of an artist. Even the way he positions himself is already different from what others do in his industry.


3] Be scarce…
Florentijn’s intention was that the duck would only visit one city a year. And as a result of not being available for every-one, more than 300 requests have come his way from cities and harbors that love to feature it.


He also is clear on something else: “My art always is temporary!”
So it just may not exist any more when you think you would like to pay it a visit … [and people do not want to miss out!]


Selling is also about creating ‘momentum’ so that your prospective customer feels drawn to decide now!
[*If the duck would come your way knowing it may not exist next year, would you consider deciding now to go and see it? Be honest.]


Your Easy Influence Assignment


Take a moment to brainstorm on the following questions to tune in to your uniqueness.
A] How is my solution different from everything else my target audience has seen before?
B] What are the common beliefs around my topic in my industry and how is my belief different?


Think again… and you may just find gold to attract a BIG audience for your beautiful work.

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