How to pull in your prospective clients and tribe from the beginning

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We as entrepreneurs help others grow, achieve something or solve a problem.
Although the results of working with us may be visible in the form of more money, better relationships, greater health, a nice design or plan… What we sell however is rather invisible.
More intangible, like consulting, coaching, support, creation, advice, healing etcetera.
So if our tribe or the outside world cannot see what we sell, they form opinions and therefore feelings based on what they can see or hear.
Influence is about feelings.
You know when you are pulled towards some-one or something
it is because you FEEL pulled.
So how do you weave this idea into your business?
How does it appear in your marketing and sales efforts?

Have you ever asked yourself “So how do I want my [potential] client to feel?”
when you speak, have a sales conversation or create a video??
I believe that first and foremost people have to resonate with you
before anything else can happen.
They have to say ‘Yes’ to you on an unconscious level first
before they can hear you or let alone; really get what you want to bring across.
So next time when you connect with your potential clients;
tune in to how you want the person on the other side to feel.
And you will be amazed about how creative you can be in
being ’naturally attractive’ like this and then you really drop in!
Allow me to give you some direction here and share
some deeper motives that trigger good vibes which are
so desperately needed in business today;
1] People want tot be seen and heard
2] They want to feel safe,
3] They want to feel significant [this is a biggie by the way!!]
Seen-Safe-Significant, easy to remember right?
Reflect for a moment here and check how you make
your potential clients feel these type of feelings.
And also the other way around;
Go back to a situation when some-one made you feel
seen, safe and significant?
Did you feel good with that person?
Get my point?
An example of how I might do this in my business is, when
I start a conversation with a prospect or client I sometimes ask
“So, how are you doing…? I mean… really doing right now?”
And then I get a sense of what kind of feelings are felt on the other side.
When I acknowledge that person for sharing or when I just listen [!], he or she is seen in the moment, feels safe to share more and then we have an open collaborative conversation.
Or for instance, when I start a presentation and notice
that my audience is tired I might tune in and say
“I can see it has been a long day, hasn’t it?”
They can breathe for a moment ‘O, yeah…’ and I take it off from there.
Whether it’s in a conversation, a speech or a video or whatever type of encounter;
you first have to get them into this ‘space of goodwill’
in the form of feeling good with you, so that they can relax!
That is where you boost your influencing power right from the start.
After all everyone is tuned into one type of radio station; ME!
And also the little brother of ‘ME’ called ‘What’s in it for ME’.
So use the list of 3 motives [Seen-Safe-Significant] to take care of
the ME in others and do care!
It’s the best and fastest way by far to get ‘buy-in’ from others immediately.
And the good news is; it requires little effort from us.
We just have to be there and notice.
It is not about us at all.
It’s about them.
Again; remember Seen-Safe-Significant
and you will start off on the right foot.
People don’t just buy what you do but who you are
and how you resonate with them…
from the beginning!
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Thank you.

2 thoughts on “How to pull in your prospective clients and tribe from the beginning

  1. Ninke

    Thank you for your interesting article.
    I’ve recently learnt something really valuable from a client:
    Before a sales conversation or presentation you have to ask yourself 4 questions about your potential client:
    How do you want him or her to:
    – Feel (seen-safe-significant, as you mentioned!)
    – Think
    – Talk about you
    – and Act

    I think this is a valuable addition to your post.


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