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Craft a masterful & meaningful talk that sells

Online Downloadable Bootcamp

  • Learn how to structure a talk that sells your idea or service
  • Always leave the room with clients or leads
  • Feel the confidence of being prepared, ready and professional
  • Position yourself as the expert so you can increase your rates

You are an ambitious self-employed professional like a consultant, coach, trainer,
service professional or any other kind of ‘expert-entrepreneur’ and…

  • you know you make a difference, and it is time you bring your message to your tribe [perhaps you even suffer from best-kept-secret-syndrome??]
  • you realize that Speaking is a must for ‘mastery’ in business and you’d like support to upgrade speaking fast
  • you feel that attracting clients takes too long
  • you are not visible enough
  • you don’t sell enough
  • you wonder how to structure a talk that positions you and your work so that it SELLS
  • you have a book or one is ‘in the making’ and you need an accompanying talk
  • you invent the wheel of preparing a decent presentation over and over again
  • you have a speaking opportunity coming up and now is the time to do it right
  • Visibility with impact
  • The shortest shortcut from contact to contract
  • Expert status which is a necessity for higher rates
  • Growing Confidence, with every presentation you do…
  • Revenue!

Not just any presentation will lead to such results. I learned that the hard way when I started out. People felt inspired when I spoke, but I hardly attracted any real
business with it. I often felt disappointed when I looked at my rewards compared to my speaking efforts.
I realized I had never learned how to maximize speaking opportunities…

Now I KNOW I get clients every time I speak [and new speaking gigs too]. From the moment I learned and implemented the first tools that I will be teaching in this bootcamp, I got clients fast. The first was a small room with 3 people and they all became coaching clients of mine!
So also in small groups or workshops it paid off.
And my strategies even work when I am not aloud to sell on the spot. Looking back at a speaking opportunity where I was not aloud to sell and where I addressed 43 people for one hour, I tracked that this gig generated Euro 25.000 [app. 34.000 US$] in sales afterwards.
And to me that was proof that any speaking opportunity can generate business!

And that is where it started…

as I have used speaking to build a global
business from my home in Holland
in under 6 months!

English is my second language, yet I still managed to create a worldwide following using simple, proven speaking principles which can work for ANYONE.

This online program is about how YOU can get YOUR SPEAKING wheels turning like that!

I will personally teach you, step-by-step, how to prepare and structure a
professional presentation so you can maximize any speaking opportunity to attract high paying clients!

She oozes her expertise

Brigitte-van-Tuijl-LI Her work is thorough, up to date and very step-by-step.
For me she is the only one who really comes to the meat of the matter by explaining WHY I need to take certain steps to sell to an audience.
Now that I understand how and why it works, selling is not a hurdle anymore!

Her speaking formula also forces me to get clear on the essence of my message.
This helps me add extra value AND sell in a way that feels good to me. Lianne is the only expert I really believe when it comes down to selling your idea or services. Because she models it herself and just oozes selling with integrity and love for her clients!

Brigitte van Tuijl – Make a difference on YOUR terms


    • 1] Access to 8 virtual training-modules
      MP3# picAll the steps of my proven Sensational Selling Speech formula to stay in action AND get in-depth training.
      Modules are audio master classes on mp3 of approx. 25-30 minutes each. These classes will be sent to you evenly spread over a 4-week period, so you will have plenty of time to take in the content and implement what you’ve learned.
      You can download these modules and play them when and where you like. Your first assignment will be sent to you immediately after you sign up so you can get started right away.


    • 2] Accompanying Slides for all 8 training modules.
      tabletUse these additional visuals
      as you listen to each master class
      to accelerate your learning.



      • 3] Transcripts of the 8 training modules.
        You can read all the training information and examples in your own time
        and add these resources to your success library.

          • 4] Guiding Handouts and Assignments for each of the 8 modules
            notes picHandouts include summaries, templates
            and checklists so that you can easily follow the formula
            and get into action at each step.


All designed so that you leave this bootcamp with…
      • A step-by-step proven system for crafting a presentation that is inspiring,
        natural and memorable. All the steps from opening to close
      • A strategic approach to prepare presentations that lead to results: leads and revenue
      • Best Practices and Modern Strategies to convince and persuade
      • Knowing what the biggest ‘Persuasion Mistake’ and the biggest ‘Persuasion Ignorance’ are and how you can overhaul those [and this is huge!]
      • My formula for Seductive Client Language™ and how to use it in presentations that will enable you to articulate and express the value you bring to the table in a compelling way


      • My famous 7 Step Killer-Opening™, to pull your whole audience in so that they want to hear more.
        You will learn exactly how to deal with the first minutes that are crucial and set the stage for your whole talk! You will know how to engage the different personality styles in your audience when you start off. I will unravel this complex phase of a presentation; you only have to follow the steps!
      • Knowing how to design a talk, without giving the store away. You will learn what to put where and what not to put in your talk
      • The set-up for a powerful close and up-sell, so that your talk leads to results.
        [Believe me 90% of people miss out here!]. You will learn how to do a call to action that runs smoothly, elegantly yet powerful
      • Strategies to create hunger and desire during your whole presentation
      • What stories you need to have in a magnetic talk and how to structure these


In short, all the ingredients to craft your own framework for your ‘signature talk’ so that you can speak from the heart AND get results!

And learning all this will lead to…

Fulfillment and Mastery, because you will grow as a person, speaker and entrepreneur. speakingtoolMy steps are designed to set you up for success whenever you address groups. Whether it’s a small group workshop or a speech for 1000 people. Once you have your signature talk in place, you can say YES to any opportunity to speak that comes your way. My best guess is that there is nothing you want more than connecting to a lot of your potential clients.

Wouldn’t it be cool if YOU could accelerate your
Impact, Influence and Income too?

Rated with an exceptional 8,6!

Foto Ninke van der Leck
I was already speaking regularly on my topic, when I suddenly got the invitation to address 1000
people. I felt it was time to learn how to craft
a really good presentation and how to get results from my speaking efforts as well.

I am so glad I jumped on board Lianne’s ‘speaking-train’. Not only do I FEEL the expert that I am, I also KNOW I talk about the exact right things when I give a presentation.
Whether I do training with 20 people or when I address an audience of 1000, I know what to do: how to position myself as the go-to expert, how to pull the entire audience in and how to engage. Having Lianne’s format on her 7-step opening alone is worth working with her. Starting off a presentation is non of my worries any more.

I now also know the value of my speaking engagements, which resulted in higher speaker fees. The evaluation ratings at big congresses have gone up from 6 up to a dazzling 8,6 (on a scale of 1-10)!
And that rarely happens in my field.

Lianne’s work is clear, structured and she provides a repeatable format, so my preparation time is minimal.
But above all I feel this huge confidence and permission to bring my work into the world, spread my message and sell.

Lianne has the expertise and the experience and all you have to do is follow her steps! No doubt it was worth the investment.

Ninke van der Leck – expert for professionals dealing with suspected child abuse and neglect – owner


50% Wants to work with me!

Marijke EgginkLianne’s expertise is really impressive.
After experiencing several eye-openers and implementing her advice, 50% of my audience wants to work with me!

And I haven’t done all that she taught me yet..!

Marijke Eggink, business coach –


That feeling is indescribable!


Thanks to her program I feel this fundamental confidence in myself. Knowing I can be at ease and think on my feet [!] in front of groups.
That feeling is amazing and indescribable! Lianne breathes her expertise. She dissects every step in the process for you to just follow along.

Now even I can just stand in front of a big room, do my talk including an up sell… and still feel safe. With her energy and patience I discovered that it is FUN to speak!

I surprised myself by closing the room at 40% on one of my first workshops.

Leonore Noorduyn –


€18,000 in sales!

Stan LenssenAs a business coach, I have been speaking in front of groups for quite some time, which I enjoy very much. However, to grow my business, I needed strategies so that I could position myself as an expert, to really inspire my audience and attract more clients.

Lianne handed me the tools, which I was looking for. They are clear, to the point and well structured.
Her easy to follow step-by-step system pushes you to take action!

Now it is so much easier for me to leave the room with warm leads after my presentation. I feel more confident, it’s much easier to develop a talk and I am more engaging with my audience.

As a result of that I recently acquired €18,000 new business
from two presentations!

Lianne is elegant, professional and very pleasant to work with. She is an open personality with sincere interest in you.

I highly recommend working with her as she teaches you things you have never heard of before and which you can implement immediately!

Stan Lenssen –Business Coach at





Upon registering, you will be able to immediately dive in and start working on
how you can increase motivation and create pulling energy so that your audience
wants your solution and you can make your audience feel that urge to buy.
(This alone can start to transform your speaking and sales results immediately).


This handout alone will boost your speaking results. It is packed with strategies, checklists and examples to get leads, appointments and sales. My personal template of an evaluation form and a format for an order form, ready to use!
(You will receive this handout after training module #2)

60 Minute Story Explorer [Value Euro 100]

7 Powerful Questions to Help You Create a Magnetic & Profitable Story. In this short and powerful guide, Gayle Nowak, founder and chief story marketer of The Story Stylist, walks you through seven thought-provoking questions to help you find a magnetic and profitable story that will have your audience begging for more.


A guide that explains, step by step, how to structure your content so that it’s inspiring as well as client attractive. Including many tips and strategies to keep attendees in your webinar and increase conversion.


Your investment (all amounts are exclusive of VAT)

This is what you will get:
Downloadable online bootcamp value € 1.500
Bonus Call to Action worksheets value € 500
Bonus WebinarFormat value € 500
Story-explorer value € 100

Total value [1.500+500+500+100] => more than € 2.500

Your investment for all of this is Euro 695

The value of this program exceeds your investment by far
[just think of a few interested people you can have as paying clients…].

If you want to purchase this downloadable program, just send an email to And we will make sure you get access.

What’s my return on investment?

That depends on how well and confident you speak and sell
and how visble you are now. [Well…?]
Just ask yourself what you are currently missing out on by not speaking in a
client magnetic way or perhaps not speaking at all?
What revenue have you already missed considering opportunities you haven’t maximized? [You may be shocked when you start writing numbers down..!]

Or just be honest: what is one more client worth to you?
What is the lifetime value of one client compared to this investment?
What is it worth to you to attract clients through presentations or workshops,
next month, next year and all your business years to come?
Not to mention the payback of more confidence, which is priceless.
There is only one good reason not to join: you may become so good at
‘elegant and leveraged’ selling [because that is what speaking for your business is],
that you get too many clients. Well, you are welcome to it!

my full Money Back guarantee…

I am absolutely certain that this program is worth every cent and minute of your time. If for whatever reason this program does not meet your expectations, just Garantiesteremail me within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money. All of it. It’s that simple. So really you have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain!

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”
– Michael Jordan

Need help deciding? Want to order this program?

If you have any questions or doubts about joining, please let us know
by sending an email to We are here to help you!


My intention for you is to be able to craft a talk that is

I designed this program so you will have an amazing learning experience with fundamental teachings you will take home as ‘assets for life’.portret-frontaal11
And I’d love to welcome you!
Speaking is a business skill for life and THE tool to speed up your business.
Once you are able to attract, hook and sell to an audience,
nothing can hold you back from realizing your ambitions and desires.

If you know it is time to turn up your volume then join.
Once you are in, you can start with your first assignment right away.

I trust I speak to you soon!



PS Being able to give such presentations, makes you a respected and successful professional. Many clients have thanked me for teaching them this formula that enables them to leverage their results fast. My ideal and ambition is that everyone sells in an easy way that is based on trust and transparency. I invite you to join this movement… NOW!

To get your hands on this online program; email my team at
We will send you an invoice and you will have access as soon as payment has been settled. Thank you!


View our refund policy here.
All amounts are in EUR currency and exclusive of VAT


00 Lianne online 72 dpi MediumIn everything she does Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen believes in Finding a better way and Share it;
she is an improver and innovator on the go, she notices where people step over things and opportunities are wasted
and she won’t stop herself until she has found a better way that works for you so you grow your business fast!
She believes it is important to find better ways as like flowers and all things in nature we are meant to grow.
Improving keeps us [feel] alive.

She is an international Sales Mentor, Speaker and Founding Business Fanatic of
She is passionately committed to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve trust, influence and persuasiveness in their interactions with others. To her successful people share one main quality: being able to sell ideas easily without ‘losing’ themselves.
Whether it’s from the stage or in one-on-one conversations, influencing and persuasion with heart and ease are her ‘core’ expertise, but she will explore anything that makes you resonate with your clients.
Lianne transformed her Dutch practice into a Global Company in less than 6 months by walking her talk: Speaking and Selling from her heart. In this global game of doing business she also works with big companies and she recently became the first European executive WHY-business coach.
She delivers fast track mentoring so you can attract clients, grow an inspired business and put yourself on the pedestal you deserve. More than anything she wants you to be empowered to do business in a better way.

She teaches you all this… effortlessly, with joy and love!