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Here is a sample of some ambitious heart-centered entrepreneurs and professionals I worked with.
People like you who now speak and/or sell their ideas to grow their business…with ease!
Read their stories and find out what might be possible for you if you are committed to invest time, energy and money in yourself and your business.

Elite coaching clients

Sales, Speaking to Attract Business, Business Consulting or any combination of those

Doubled my revenue. More importantly; I feel proud!

Ninke_IIBI had this desire to extend my reach and have a bigger impact.
Stepping up my game then was important to me; I wanted to feel proud, do myself justice and be rewarded handsomely at the same time.
However, I got stuck on how to get there and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

The first time I remember being engaged by Lianne was when she invited people for one of her speech bootcamps.
The way she was doing that resonated with me deeply; I just had to join.
I so felt that pull, which up until this day I have never felt again.
I wanted to learn what this woman was doing!
And I did.

One of the first game-changers for me in working together was a boost in confidence.
I learnt to have faith in the power that’s in me and to cultivate my inner knowing that
‘it will happen for me’.
That kind of conviction enabled me to take really big steps and still the journey felt gradual and natural.

Lianne helped me to think bigger, play a bigger game and become a senior entrepreneur.
She is a grounded person by nature and has a clear and accessible way of working.
Every time I felt overwhelmed or confused about next steps, she steered me back on track so that I had focus again
and she guided me back to the essence so that I could work on things that mattered.

In no time I started a second business and doubled my revenue.
Now I do feel fulfilled and proud of what I have accomplished.

I would recommend any one that wants to grow their business with speaking in front of groups
to learn from Lianne.
You have no idea yet of what you are capable of when you enter her world.

Ninke van der Leck – Coach for entrepreneurs and owner of

Completely upgraded my business in 6 months

foto MargrietAfter a successful startup I quickly reached the limits of my business.
I was stuck; doing more and more of the same and I was ready for my next level.
Growing is essential for me; I hold a big vision for myself and my business and if I don’t grow I wither away.

As an intuitive entrepreneur I just know when I run into the right person to work with, so when I met Lianne
at an event where we both were speakers, I immediately felt I needed her.

Making my next big step in my business meant a complete makeover
of the structure and business model I had.
That is only possible with the right people to guide you and who know the tricks of the trade.
With Lianne’s help I completely redesigned my business and earned my last year-revenue in the timespan of only 6 months.

I definitely recommend working with her. She is extraordinarily professional and possesses a high level of skills and know-how.
Also she masters mirroring what empowerment really is about.

In working with her I could laugh, cry and felt well understood.
She evenly balanced that with providing structure and steps to follow
so I could get back on track in times of confusion. All to make sure I would manifest my vision and goals.
She is absolutely a go-to person if you are looking for a boost in personal and business growth.

I am deeply grateful she appeared in my life and for having the opportunity to learn from her so extensively.

Margriet Spijksma – Teaches women to know what they really want – Owner of

Some of my rates increased 7-fold!

foto 1 tamar kleurFeeling a prisoner in my own comfort zone, I had this desire to raise my game and take steps towards visibility. With Lianne’s support I discovered I have my own signature, brand and story.
I now know exactly the value I add, what I am worth and how to get it. Some of my rates increased up to 7 times as high as before!

I have done things I’ve never seen possible before AND I keep making steps that I must do to fulfill my potential. This new freedom feels so empowering that I’m headed towards my ideal business.

Tamar Kaijzer – High Level EQ management coach



Stop looking around. She is the one to empower you.

If I had to pick one person out of the hundreds I know in the business coaching world,
the one who can bring you to real success, empower you, unlock your true WHY and map all steps to success for you, make you feel strong, be committed to your business growth and quickly start leveraging your business… Lianne would be that ONE!
The level of leadership skills she brings to the table is high, authentic and rare!
I have made a lot of mistakes in building my business, and the biggest one was that I was chasing those “shiny objects” from coaches who offer a lot but deliver too little.
Thanks to Lianne I managed to keep up my big vision through all changes I faced in my business, have a realistic plan how to land local clients, while developing a foundation for online work. And, the most valuable I feel, after all the coaching programs, memberships, VIP services I invested in; Lianne, was the only one who really was committed to contribute to my success.
That is why I feel extremely grateful, empowered and validated; Lianne gives me the courage to continue my business journey.
Just knowing, that I have a mentor who really cares, believes in my success and me, is priceless. We all need someone to hold our hand from time to time.
To me she is a warrior of light in a business suit and simply the best of what the coaching world has to offer on an international level.


Marina Malmberg – CEO Success Boomerang – Sweden

I now can step up and empower an audience of any size!

UntitledBefore I had my speaking mentorship with Lianne, I had zero -yes zero- idea of the right and wrong way to craft a truly great and memorable WOW presentation. I would shy away from anything and cower up in nervousness. However… As a young CEO with a fast growing technology company, Speaking is a fundamental part of it.

Lianne approached my training from the ground up, we were able to harness my true potential by finding out exactly where my gaps were and keep building my confidence step by step.

Since my intensive course with her, I can step up and empower an audience of any size.

My confidence, body language and the way I address people has improved exponentially, knowing the basic and complex mechanics to any speech are now deeply embedded in me and most importantly I get excited and enjoy the opportunity. Nervousness has been replaced with excitement and eagerness.

I now have the core tools for building any presentation or talk and apply everything I have learnt every day when I speak to people.
The value I have received goes outside just talking and presenting,
I use them every single day.

Rather than getting nervous and shy about any future talks,
I now raise my hand high for anything that could come my way.

A monumental change!

Adam JT Palmer
Founder and CEO – The Gramble World Group –



50% Wants to work with me!

Marijke EgginkLianne’s expertise is really impressive.
After experiencing several eye-openers and implementing her advice,
50% of my audience wants to work with me!

[And I haven’t done all that she taught me yet..!]

Marijke Eggink, business coach –

Blown away by leaving a gig with 100 leads!

foto Renata Hamsikova 2013
As an expert in gifted education I have a lot of knowledge to share. In a regular conversation it is easy but speaking in front of groups is quite different for me. I felt really nervous and insecure on how to craft and deliver a speech that would come across. Let alone how to get results.
First I read a book about speaking and started speaking on my own, but then I realized that wasn’t enough and I had the feeling I could do better. I was looking for a way that would work for me as well as my audience.

Once entering Lianne’s tribe I felt at home with other professionals who deal with speaking and professional visibility.

The simple but profound structure and the step-by-step guidance she offers, is a relief. Lianne knows exactly how to balance out what to do in front of groups so that they learn more and you grow your business at the same time! My notebook from her teachings is now my working bible on speaking.

If you take her advice and mentoring seriously and implement it, you can achieve great results. With Lianne’s training I grew my confidence as well as my business.

At my own events about 35% of the people want to work further with me afterwards. Now I ‘keep’ my audience; they do not feel alone and helpless when they leave the room. This is very important for me because of my passion helping people with my expertise.

At one of my recent speaking gigs I addressed an audience of 180 people [!] More than 65% came to me afterwards to stay in touch with me. I left that gig with more than 100 direct leads. I was so blown away by this outcome that I could not handle all of them right away.
By the way; my conversion in the conversations with such leads is 80%, also using Lianne’s script. What a luxurious problem I suddenly had; it felt like a new stage in my business.

And this is not all. I also deliver presentations so that people remember me! Often prospective clients contact me because they have seen me speak somewhere. They tell me things like “You had me from the first minute” or “Finally someone who understands me”.

I can highly recommend everyone to step into Lianne’s world, go out there and speak!
She is spontaneous, friendly and generous with her knowledge and strategies. Just take that step and a new world opens in front of your eyes.

And that is priceless.

Renata Hamsikova – Specialist in Gifted Education –

Rated with an exceptional 8,6!

Foto Ninke van der Leck
I was already speaking regularly on my topic, when I suddenly got the invitation to address 1000 people. I felt it was time to learn how to craft a really good presentation and how to get results from my speaking efforts as well.
I am glad I jumped on board Lianne’s ‘speaking-train’. Not only do I FEEL the expert that I am, I also KNOW I talk about the exact right things when I give a presentation.
Whether I do a training with 20 people or when I address an audience of 1000, I know what to do: how to position myself as the go-to expert, how to pull the entire audience in and how to engage. Having Lianne’s format on her 7-step opening alone is worth working with her. Starting off a presentation is non of my worries any more.
I now also know the value of my speaking engagements which resulted in higher speaker fees.
The evaluation ratings at big congresses has gone up from 6 up to a dazzling 8,6 (on a scale of 1-10)! And that rarely happens in my field.
Lianne’s work is clear, structured and she provides a repeatable format, so my preparation time is minimal.
But above all I feel this huge confidence and permission to bring my work into the world, spread my message and sell.
Lianne has the expertise and the experience and all you have to do is follow her steps!
No doubt it was worth the investment.


Ninke van der Leck – expert for professionals dealing with suspected child abuse and neglect – owner

Confidence, ease and results!

JannekeVanHeugtenI really believed that I did not belong on the stage. Watching other great speakers I could only think “I want to stand in front of groups with courage too, but I just don’t have what it takes…” With Lianne’s help I discovered that I do belong on the stage. And that it is possible to speak both in an authentic and client-attractive way.

Developing speaking qualities was so much closer than I had ever expected. The best story is my own story.
Thanks to Lianne I now speak to groups with confidence, ease and… results!”

Janneke van Heugten – Expert Media and Press

€18,000 in sales!

Stan LenssenAs a business coach, I have been speaking in front of groups for quite some time, which I enjoy very much. However, to grow my business, I needed strategies so that I could position myself as an expert, to really inspire my audience and attract more clients.

Lianne handed me the tools which I was looking for. They are clear, to the point and well structured.
Her easy to follow step-by-step system pushes you to take action!

Now it is so much easier for me to leave the room with warm leads after my presentation. I feel more confident, it’s much easier to develop a talk and I am more engaging with my audience.

As a result of that I recently acquired €18,000 new business from 2 presentations!

Lianne is elegant, professional and very pleasant to work with. She is an open personality with sincere interest in you.

I highly recommend working with her as she teaches you things you have never heard of before and which you can implement immediately!

Stan Lenssen –Business Coach at

I concluded that I am enough and that is huge for any growth!

Hedwyg Preziday 2012Before working with Lianne I had already built my expertise platform as a web strategist and by publishing 9 books.
However, I realized when my 10th book was under its way that I was holding back on my visibility.
I knew I needed to nail speaking!
I could feel very nervous by the idea of standing in front of a big group. Or being a perfectionist I could question myself over and over whether I would be a good enough speaker.
Somehow I did not want to stay a best-kept secret any longer, so I decided to jump in on one of Lianne’s programs.

Now I have the confidence of being ready, without the need to be perfect as a speaker.
The increased response of my audience makes me realize my value as an expert
and also that I have so much to share and to offer to people!

If you could look in my today’s journal you would read things like
‘A standing ovation at the Professional Speakers Association in Holland’,
‘Speech in Berlin’ or ‘Flying to Milan for a 10-minute talk’.
I still find it hard to believe that I have actually become an international speaker!

The biggest change for me in that whole process was my conclusion… that I am enough!
Lianne has helped me realize that.
This transformation has contributed big time in becoming a visible professional, a stronger woman and growing a business I love.

Hedwyg van Groenendaal – Web Strategist at & Official Prezi Expert at
Winner of the TED-Prezi contest Ideas Matter!

She creates safety and provides quick learning

Lianne is a speaking facilitator who quickly creates a safe environment, so that you can experience rapidly and in depth how it is for you to stand before groups and express your authentic self. She is a grounded, professional and warm personality.

Catja Schaert – owner

I used only 10% of my potential and opportunities!

JikkieHasBefore entering into Lianne’s world, I could not see how I could get more clients by speaking.
I gave away way too much and there was no follow-up.
I attended one of her programs and she made me open my eyes.
Even though I could give presentations nicely and with enthusiasm,
I realized that I used only 10% of what is possible for me with speaking!

Her support has resulted in me knowing more clearly what I want to say and my audience not being overfed. I also attract many more leads and potential clients.

Moreover, I experienced Lianne as a real authority in her field.
She has a lot of knowledge and experience and knows how to convey this.
And she is a clear example of ‘Practice what you Preach’.

I recouped the investment in no time, and I will have this knowledge for life!

Jikkie Has –

3 Workshops in a row easily

SONY DSCBefore working with Lianne I used to be worried about how I might come across and what the audience might think of me. After a presentation I often felt dissatisfied and very tired.

Lianne has taught me how to speak in my own authentic way. Now I feel free in front of groups. Recently I have led 3 workshops in a row without stress and I had loads of energy left. I know how to engage my audience and it feels like I can connect with each and every member in my audience. Now I have experienced that it is possible to stand in front of any audience whether it’s 25 or 1000 people.

I’m planning more and bigger presentations and I’m honestly considering International stages or aiming at TEDx to talk about my mission!

Gonnie Jansen – life story expert at

2 Half-day sessions with Lianne have given results that boggled my mind!

3.19 ABCHIV Fred VerdultI love it: presenting at big events and interviewing a number of guests.
Every time, the participants were very enthusiastic about me, but I used to be very nervous when I had to start.
I only came to myself when I began the first interview. And I would say ‘ehhh…’ very often.
So I decided to work on it. My next event was in Carré [Amsterdam] and my heart and soul were in that event.

Two half-days with Lianne have given results that boggled my mind.
From the first moment, I was comfortable on that huge stage of Carré and there wasn’t any irritating ‘ehh’ any more.

The participants rated me as their presenter with an 8.7!

Fred Verdult –

Sales Conversations

Knowing I convert 70% makes me feel wealthy

Joan9590Having great conversations with prospective clients has always been one of my qualities and I used to convert about 35% on average. However, I somehow felt that much more was possible. I was curious to learn how and I knew Lianne was the person who could teach me all about authentic sales.

As soon as I started working with Lianne’s formula my eyes opened and I discovered that there is a whole world behind what I thought was a ‘sales conversation’.
You cannot be in business without really knowing and understanding how to close the sale without any resistance.

Lianne’s work is quality, meaty stuff yet very do-able and practical. You get to connect to sales on an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level so that you know and feel you are selling with integrity and getting results.
She teaches you exactly the logic and ‘why’ behind sales so you stay motivated to keep selling.
And that is the key to what you need to get sales results constantly and grow your business.

With these tools I never have to worry about making money again
and this certainty is what really makes me feel wealthy.

Compared to other programs I did, this one stands out in value for money; I got so much!
Each and every module creates value, so I experienced results from the start and I managed to bump up my sales conversion to a steady 70%.

Needless to say that my return on investment is off the charts.
Really happy to have this crucial piece in my toolbox forever.


Joan Bieger – Business Coach for transformational experts at

My conversion increased from 25% up to 68%

I wanted to master the sales conversation in a way that would work for me, without tricks or Brigitte-van-Tuijl-LIhidden agendas. After working with Lianne and her formula, my conversion rate immediately increased from 25% up to 68% and as a result of that my confidence boosted.

Selling is not a hurdle anymore. I now have genuine, heartfelt conversations with my clients that lead to results and that really serve them.

Lianne’s work is easy to follow and the depth of her knowledge is beyond belief.

She is a warm and authentic professional and has lived what she teaches.

These new skills and mindset make me feel confident as a professional and as an entrepreneur.

Brigitte van Tuijl – Purpose & Breakthrough Expert –

Closing 91% of sales opportunities

Marloes_Bouwmeester_convertedLianne’s formula
gave me the confidence and curiosity to
have a sales conversation in a relaxed manner.
I achieved tremendous results of which
a conversion rate of 91%!

Marloes Bouwmeester –

Worth the investment many times over!

IeneLammersI have been working as a self-employed professional since a year. Getting around the table with a client was not a problem, but optimizing the opportunity was. I needed a structured way to have a sales conversation from start to end.
I have learned so much from her formula. I have more courage now and am able to relax during the conversation.
This is because of Lianne, she is a person who arouses enthusiasm in me. She knows what she is talking about and is able to pass that on in a loving way.
I have achieved many valuable results from the blueprint and it was worth the investment many times over.

Iene Lammers –