How to use testimonials in presentations

thumbsAs a service professional, you sell ‘change’. You provide a solution to a client’s problem. However selling services is also selling a relationship. People only buy services from those they like, know and trust.

So basically trust is earned by integrity and effectiveness. Before prospective clients want to buy from you, they have to believe in 3 things:

– You;
– Your solution and in;
– Themselves! (Can I change; does it work for me)

Of course, you can explain what benefits and results can be expected from your work together. But nothing compares to the evidential value of others expressing, based on own experiences with you and your work, what it brings and why they should reach out to you. I therefore believe that using testimonials is an essential building block for a client attractive presentation.


However, most of us forget to weave them into our talks and speeches. When preparing a presentation, we often seem to be too focused on what WE want to talk about instead of what our audience needs to make a next step.


How can you set yourself up for more response from your audience? Here are 3 ways to start building it into your preparation process so that you always will be ready to use this essential tool [and actually having a preparation process is a bonus tip here!]


1] Make a list of your 5 most successful clients and interview them for a testimonial. Let them describe how working with you has changed their condition. Transform these stories into ‘examples’ to support certain teaching points in your talk. Make sure you use the language of your clients!


An example
Using this question-technique makes a huge difference in your presentation. I recently talked to Janet who did a workshop with me on this in the past. She told me that using these types of questions makes her more confident and engaging as a speaker –and- the number of people that want to work with her after her talk has been increasing and is still increasing!


2] Show relevant quotes and short stories of satisfied clients on slides during breaks or when they enter the room.


3] Put relevant testimonials on handouts when you are doing presentations and workshops. No handouts? At least give your audience a nicely designed card or printed form with a ‘Stay in Touch’ option and add a few short testimonials.


Your Easy Influence Assignment
Choose one of the 3 ways to use testimonials in your next presentation. Just pick one thing that you are not doing now when you do a presentation. Build it into your presentation preparation process and see your results grow!


Good luck with weaving testimonials and success stories into your presentations.


And please do share your way of using them or your comment below.