7 Step Action Guide for
Easy, Authentic and Smart Ways
to use Testimonials that Sell


For ambitious entrepreneurial service professionals whoCover testimonial action guide 3D
do have happy fans, but are not utilizing this happy asset
strategically to make more sales.
Learn the simple essentials that will increase your sales
and work wonders for your business.


Most professionals leave easy money on the table because they do not have
their act together when it comes to using testimonials strategically.
When you are in business, you are in sales and this form of so called
‘social proof’ is essential for turning prospective clients into paying clients.

Perhaps you recognize one of these:

    • your are not selling enough
    • you know that your clients are happy with your work and that you add a lot of value,
      but you find it difficult to get good client testimonials or even ask for them
    • You feel uncertain about how to get really great testimonials and you end up
      doing different things all the time… you remain unclear and keep re-inventing the wheel
    • You do ask satisfied clients to give you testimonials and they say they will,
      but they never send you anything or you feel the need to keep chasing them
    • You have testimonials, but you want really good ones as you just know
      that these stories are essential for future sales


In that case… read on!

The first time a saw an opportunity to ask for one I realized that I did not know what I was doing.
I put everything that client said and that sounded somewhat positive on my website!
But my sales did not change. Actually NOTHING special happened.

Until I really dug into this tool and designed a simple and easy way to do it
in a way that SELLS.
Many of us do have an idea of what should be in testimonials, but few of us
do it in a professional way that leads to results…

What do you need to systematically get GOOD testimonials?

– An easy to use system and list with questions so that you are always ready to
do a testimonial interview that leads to the exact right information

– A mindset that makes it easy for you to ask for them and motivates you
to get good and sales increasing testimonials [If you read my mantra on this,
you will never stop asking for testimonials]pic testimonials

– Awareness of what exactly makes a testimonial a really good one; a testimonial
that will seduce your next prospective clients!

And that is exactly what you will find in this guide!

In 7 easy but thorough steps you will learn or get:

      • A motivating mindset and my personal mantra so that you can make it a business habit to use this tool
      • What your prospective clients need most to make buying decisions and how to give it so that they can say YES
      • THE way to get testimonials for service based businesses and how to ask best for them
      • The basic structure for every success story [for it to be a success story]
      • the 8 success elements that turn testimonials into sales machines [and what not to do!]
      • A checklist with interview questions so that you get the exact right information
        for seductive testimonials [also a must have if you want to delegate testimonial work to someone on your team]
      • My best practices on how to utilize them
      • And a lot of bonus strategies and tips to increase your sales

Cover testimonial action guide 3D

So what’s unique about this guide?
It’s brief, very brief. This is not an extensive book with numerous
stories, pages and pictures. The reason it’s brief is because with testimonials
you need to come to the meat of the matter in one sitting.
And that is exactly what you will get, so that you will do the things that matter.
An easy guide to help you get additional sales, upgrade your reputation as a
trusted professional and save you time!

Why do I need testimonials in the first place…?

According to dr. Robert B. Cialdini, the authority on influence and author of
‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’
98% of online shoppers will read product reviews before purchase.
He also sais that uncertainty can be reduced by using social proof.
Well here is the trend; people will always seek you out online before they consider buying from you.
What is happening right now is that prospective clients are moving from a place of ‘expecting proof’
to DEMANDING testimonials from you.
The more we all buy online, the more we are conditioned to see and want proof before buying.

Testimonial tips
Here are a few examples of how you can be strategic with testimonials.
– Use them in your sales conversations; seed stories where you feel your prospective client needs them to believe
– Use testimonials and success stories to deal with objections
– Tell a client success story before you present an offer to your prospective client
– Print a few relevant testimonials on bids, proposals and offers


Your Investment

… just euro 87 …[approx US$ 97]
Why you should not buy this guide…
There’s only one good reason. You might become a rockstar at this
and increase your sales conversion fast…in an easy way!

Any questions? Let my team know via contact@easy-influence.com
and you will receive an answer. Thank you!
Cover testimonial action guide 3DThis guide will help you to make ‘utilizing testimonials’ a ‘business skill for life’.
I invite you to start using this guide now and recoup your investment in no time.
Should be easy if you consider the value of just one extra client.
Or what about the life time value of just one extra client..?
This guide is immediately available as a download to get started now!

Do it!




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