The unlimited payback of confidence

No matter what role or position.
No matter what background.
No matter how you look.

If you have confidence, you have influential gold.

Confidence is also key to any growth or progress and many business gurus out there state that people with confidence are happier and make more money than those who lack it.
People with confidence glow and shine without working hard for it.
People with confidence attract without pleasing.
Confident people learn quickly and learning feeds confidence
People want to be around people who have confidence. It is contagious.
We can sniff it from miles away and we feel it in our bones when we are around a confident person.
Confident as in… willing to be vulnerable as that is the real key in my opinion. People that avoid to be vulnerable often show how they ‘fix’ avoiding. They blow themselves up or play small.
So, how to get it and build it?
What to do to be confident?
The biggest confidence builder I know is speaking.
Standing in front of people and selling yourself and your idea.
And yet many, many people think that speaking is one of the scariest tasks on the planet.
Let me give you 3 powerful tips for speaking confidence.
1] Start your presentation standing still. Don’t move, don’t pace and keep your hands at your sides. This apparently boring posture is the most confident stance in the universe.
Personal development guru Robin Sharma once said “the fastest way to transform your thinking is to transform your behavior. Change the way you act first”.
Can you do that? Standing still for a few minutes? You then are on your way to boost your speaking confidence!
2] Keep your eyes available so you start feeling yourself with the audience instead of separated from the audience. Connection is the fuel for confidence. You are not alone even if you are in front of a group or audience.

3] Confidence is also about not letting yourself be disturbed.

Hear frightening voices in your head? You can decide not to be disturbed by them. Shaking knees before a daunting task? You can decide not be disturbed by them.
They don’t have to go away. You can decide to be unflappable WITH shaking knees.
Think about this for a minute [!] and realize you have a choice; you don’t have to fix or hide shaking knees. Yes that may feel vulnerable. It also sets you free to not be occupied with fixing knees and perhaps fixing other symptoms.
Stand still and stop fixing.
The payback will be priceless.
Let me know what comes up for you by leaving a comment below.
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