3 Reasons why speaking should NOT be in your toolbox!

speakingtoolWhenever I ask fellow entrepreneurs what they do to grow their business and attract their ideal clients, I hear a lot of good things. Networking, social media, advertising, writing, email marketing, referral marketing etc etc.


What are your most favorite marketing tools?

Is speaking one of them?

If you are like the majority of entrepreneurs your answer is NO.

Speaking is not the favorite tool of most service professionals like you.


Let’s explore.


1] You don’t want the biggest confidence builder that exists, do you?

Why would you want to have confidence anyway? Confidence is for real big shots, not for you.




2] You don’t want the quickest way possible to attract and convert clients do you? No, you rather wait until someone calls you as you have put so much effort into your website, network and brochures. Should be enough right?




3] You don’t want a tool that can be used in any business, within any business model at any ‘business moment’, do you? Why use a tool that is always compatible with what you are doing already?

No, you rather keep doing X, Y and Z. Also known as busy–disease-because-I don’t-know-how-to-make-it-my-favorite-and-best-tool.


Ok, I’m exaggerating of course and joking about it, but you get the point!

And even if you are a speaker already, do you realize and optimize what you can do?


Check this shortlist! As speaking is all about 3C’s;


*Confidence, and you know this is key to any progress.

*Conversion speed, which is vital to keep any business in business.

*Compatible with any way you do business. Whether you are starting out or have an established platform, speaking contributes, leverages and speeds up your business big time!


Do you know any successful entrepreneur that does not speak to groups in any form?


There is no reason to not put speaking on the top of your list of marketing tools. Start today.


Your Easy Influence Assignment


Just brainstorm for 1 minute. Write down what is possible for you and your business if Speaking would be an integrated part of your business activities and you would know how to optimize any speaking opportunity… 1 Minute!


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